Lagoon Crawler
NUHN Header Series Lagoon Agitation Boat - Start the revolution!

“As soon as the neighborhood heard I had a Lagoon Crawler, My phone rang
off the hook for people wanting me to pump their manure!”

- Jim Mann, AfterAll Inc.

 Technical Specifications

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 Exceeding Industry Standards Through Superior Design

The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler is an amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons. The wheels are able to drop down, giving the vehicle roughly 5 feet of ground clearance. The unit then drives itself into a lagoon, where it turns into an agitation boat.

When in the lagoon, the Lagoon Crawler is powered by a quad port, Nuhn Header Series manure pump. 10000+GPM volumes are used to manuever the pontoon through the lagoon and agitate the solids from the bottom. The Nuhn Lagoon Crawler does not need a priming system.

Once the lagoon is emptied, the four wheels are lowered and the machine is able to drive itself out of the lagoon.

Currently there are Lagoon Crawler in Canada, United States and Russia.

Canadian and US patents pending.

 The Lagoon Crawler Makes a Splash!

Efficiency on Wheels
Manure Manager
Nuhn Industries Lagoon Crawler agitation pump helping customer applicators handle sand-laden manure.

Nuhn Industries’ futuristic amphibious lagoon crawler wins innovation award at major U.S. farm show
Stratford Beacon Herald
A kick-ass looking amphibious lagoon crawler is making waves in agricultural circles.

Float your boat in a slurry moat
The Western Producer
Looking like a cross between a swamp buggy and a Formula One race car, this slurry pit agitation boat made its first public appearance at the 11th annual North American Manure Expo held last week in Guelph, Ont.

Show Trends and Interesting Items
Prairie Farmer
Finishing up Farm Progress Show has me thinking about cool stuff - and I mean more than temperatures.

Expo spreads word on manure
The Record
Nuhn Industries of Sebringville, Ont.,. built this prototype "lagoon crawler" in time for the North American Manure Expo, held Wednesday at the University of Guelph's Arkell Research Station.

Farm Progress Show offers plenty to see
Farm Industry News
Larger manure pits are a challenge to keep agitated so farmers can maximize the nutrients, this handy Lagoon Scrambler was a hot topic at the show.

Lagoon Crawler stops traffic at Farm Progress Show
Machinery Pete
This BAD BOY was stopping traffic at Farm Progress Show today..."Lagoon Crawler" by Nuhn Industries...remote controlled, 8000 LBS. we'll have a feature on "Ag Day" TV show soon

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